//How to set up a plant for Li-ion Cells 18650-Part One

How to set up a plant for Li-ion Cells 18650-Part One

Recently, there are many inquiries on how to set up a plant for 18650 cells. Based on eSTAR’s know-how on such a project, we will introduce the process in several articles. This is Part One.

Briefly, A market research and analyst is a must to kick off a plant-set-up project. You need to know the market demand firstly. Here is a list for market research for your reference.

  1. What is the market volume in your area?
  2. Which kind of cells will be needed? Cylindrical 18650? Pouch Cells or others?
  3. What is the spec the market needed? Voltage, Volume, Discharge/Charge Rate, and other requests. You usually can get documents from the government for it. This will decide which technologies and materials you need to use.
  4. What is the application for such cells? for EVs? for Electronics or for Energy Storage System?
  5. What is the quality request?
  6. How would like to sell the cells and ensure the sales turnover? Is the sales channels set up or available?

The above is a brief on the market research before starting a plant built-up project. We will introduce more in the coming articles.

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